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Black Girl Diary

All The Things I Never Said Out Loud

In a journey of self-discovery and of honoring self Miah Prescod, 18, standing in the ashes and empires of a dystopian world, picked up her pen and wrote the matters of her heart. Black Girl Diary shares the raw and unfiltered truth of what it’s like to be a Black child in America, more specifically a Black girl. It explores themes of self-love, Miah’s Blackness, and what it means to be both Black and woman. While she writes to affirm and inspire Black girls everywhere, Miah’s writing is also an act of embracing herself. In a world that so rarely chooses Black girls for experiences that are not harmful, Miah Prescod has discovered that putting herself first, and choosing herself first, may be the act of self-love she’d been looking for all along. Perhaps, the only one she needs. Miah has recognized her divinity, stepped into her greatness, and is here to put the truth on the table. She hopes that her work as an author, and presence in her true, unfiltered form, will inspire Black people across the world, and remind Black girls of the power they hold.

Blurb so graciously written by Kayla Nelson

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Song of the Brown Girl

Limited Edition

Song of the Brown Girl, released in March of 2021 in honor of Women's Month is Miah's second collection of poems that explores the woes and magic of being a Black girl on the verge of womanhood.

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