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12 Things Black Girls Need to Know Growing Up

Hey everyone,

I know it's been a while but it's women's month and I thought you all deserved this gem. So this goes out to all the Black girls who felt like they weren't enough. This is a reminder that we, Black girls and women are magic.


12 Things Black Girls Need to Know Growing Up

(for Makayla and the rest of us Black girls)

Or 12 things my Black daughter gon know growing up


Black girl, your skin is to die for.

It is purer than pure

The richest chocolate there is.

Who else but you can age like fine wine?

If they ask you why are you so dark,

tell them you were touched by the gods,

tell them your momma gave birth to a Nubian queen.


Black Girl Magic is not just a hashtag.

It is a lifestyle.

And your secret power.

Baby girl, you are the embodiment

of all things Black and girl and magic.

Can’t nobody take that away from you.


Black girl,

you are not a maid.

It ain’t your job

to clean up after the men in your life.

It ain’t your job

to be everyone’s savior.

Your only job

is to live your life for you.


You will learn

(or hopefully, you already know)

There is nothing more powerful

than a Black girl who knows how to say no.


to the things that are not good for her.


to the boys who do not deserve her.


you cannot touch my hair.


I was not finished speaking.

In fact, no

might even become your favorite word.


Your vulnerability is nothing to be ashamed of.

There is also nothing wrong with therapy.

Making mistakes just proves you’re human.

and I know the world thinks we don’t have feelings

but I do.


Surround yourself with visionaries,

with goal-getters and

people who value you

Friends who are always looking out for you,

those who have your best interests at heart.


If Jill Scott’s Hate On Me

ain’t in your playlist,

baby girl you are missing out.

Let that song be your anthem.

Let them haters hate girl

cause you is a masterpiece Black girl

on the verge of erupting,

and the world ain’t ready for you.


Black girl,

the world will never be ready for you

or your voice

and that’s alright.

But know this.

Your voice is a powerhouse,

a weapon, and shield,

an automatic rifle with bullets

that can shake the very core of this nation.

Maybe that’s why they fear you so much.


Having an opinion

does not

equate to you having an attitude

and if you have an attitude

so what.

You have every right to your feelings.

Do Not

let anyone guilt-trip you.

Do Not

let anyone talk you out of making a decision for yourself.


Affirmations go a long way

so may you repeat this for as long as you need it:

As I live and breathe right now

portals are beginning to form

and out of it shall come

my answered prayers,

the desires of my heart and

an abundance of blessings and miracles

all in my favor.


Black girl, know that you don’t walk alone.

Know that wherever you are

there is a Black woman looking out you,

her prayers protecting you,

the whispers in the wind,

her voice is guiding you.


Chin up.

Shoulders back.

And walk.

Walk like you got an army

of Black women marching behind you

and watch the world bow at your feet.

Watch the world make room for you.


If you loved this poem check out my limited edition chapbook, Song of the Brown Girl.

and yes this poem is featured in it.

Only 5o copies available, and they will all come signed.

That's it and that's all.

Words by Miah

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