12 Things Black Girls Need to Know Growing Up

Hey everyone,

I know it's been a while but it's women's month and I thought you all deserved this gem. So this goes out to all the Black girls who felt like they weren't enough. This is a reminder that we, Black girls and women are magic.

12 Things Black Girls Need to Know Growing Up

(for Makayla and the rest of us Black girls)

Or 12 things my Black daughter gon know growing up


Black girl, your skin is to die for.

It is purer than pure

The richest chocolate there is.

Who else but you can age like fine wine?

If they ask you why are you so dark,

tell them you were touched by the gods,

tell them your momma gave birth to a Nubian queen.


Black Girl Magic is not just a hashtag.

It is a lifestyle.

And your secret power.

Baby girl, you are the embodiment

of all things Black and girl and magic.

Can’t nobody take that away from you.


Black girl,

you are not a maid.